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5 Reasons Why Investing in Custom Clothing is Worth It
No two people are exactly the same, and neither are their closets. When you walk into a well-known retailer or department store, you’re shopping for the same pieces as hundreds of other men. Chances are, you’ll spot a few duplicate outfits during a night out; don’t risk being one of them.

When you invest in custom clothing that’s been made specifically for you, you’re investing in staple apparel that will serve you for years to come. Read on for five of our top reasons why investing in custom clothing is absolutely worth it!

The Fit
When you walk into a Nordstrom or Zara, the pieces you’ll find have been mass-produced to fit a generalized portion of the population. Your choices are typically limited, and you have to fit the clothes–when in reality, the clothes should fit you. Custom clothing is the perfect solution for avoiding a suit jacket that tugs on your shoulder too much, or jeans that have uneven inseams. When you put time into having your clothing tailored exactly to your measurements, you’re eliminating the discomfort that comes with ill-fitting garments.

The Look
It’s a fact: custom clothing looks and feels more high-end, because it is. When you’re out to dinner and spot a man wearing a jacket that looks as if it’s been created specifically for him, chances are it was. Tailored items stand out on their own, because they were made to complement the owner.

The Quality
The number one tell-tale sign of cheap clothing is how long it lasts. Is that H&M t-shirt snagging at the hem after only two washes? Have your Zara jeans started fading and sagging when you’ve only had them a few months? Mass-produced items are created for quantity, not quality. When you invest in custom clothing, you’re rewarding yourself with pieces that will hold up for years, if not decades. In the long run, your investment returns itself by eliminating the need to replace your wardrobe every few years.

The Customization
As a man, you deserve to dress in whatever makes you feel most confident and comfortable. Your personal tastes and preferences are important, and custom clothing allows you to hand-select every detail of your garments. Your favorite color is orange? Add a silk lining to your sport coat. Do you prefer an edgier street-style vibe? Touch and feel every option for that new leather jacket. Investing in custom-tailored clothing gives you the freedom to dress exactly how you want, whenever you want.

The Impact
In 2022, the fast fashion industry produces nearly 93 million tons of waste per year between water consumption, chemical pollution, textile waste and CO2 emissions. Giant retailers need to meet consumers’ demand, so they mass-produce millions of pieces on a daily basis. Most times, the leftover waste from that manufacturing process ends up in our planet’s landfills and waterways. When you invest in custom clothing, you’re investing in garments that will withstand years of wear. You reduce the need to buy 8 different white t-shirts, because of the 2 that were tailored exactly to you. You won’t need to buy a new suit every year, because you hand-picked the high-quality fabrics and details of your bespoke one. Over time, you’ll play a role in reducing your personal apparel waste, while dressed to the nines every step of the way.

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