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(313) 561-1419
23810 Michigan Ave. Dearborn, Michigan

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The Style Box

The perfect luxury accessory pack, individually curated by our stylists and shipped anywhere in the continental U.S.

Over $300 retail value in each box!

How It Works


Choose Your Box

Each box is uniquely curated to include a tie, pocket square, tie clip, sock, and a premium item of your choice. Choose from one of our four style boxes: Cool Vibes, Warm Tones, Shady Days, or Seasonal Styles.


Pick Your Premium

After you have chosen your style box, it’s time to customize! Choose one of the following premium products to be included in your box: Belt, Gloves, Scarf, or Cufflinks.


Look Your Best

Styled by Manno Clothing, you are guaranteed to look your absolute best.

Now get out there and show off your style! Tag us on Instagram @mannoclothing to show us how you styled your accessories.


Pick Your Premium!

Premium item can be changed for
each box to include one of the following:
scarf, belt, gloves, or cufflinks