Concierge services

Helping you craft a one-of-a-kind wardrobe

In life, your appearance matters. Ensure you have the proper clothing that helps you leave a great impression. Our consultations are designed for the individual looking to update, renew, or modernize their current clothing collection.

During your consultation, you will work exclusively with one of our owners, Pat or Anthony, who will assist you in creating a versatile and exciting wardrobe.

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In-Store Consultations

Reserve time in our storefront to go over what clothing you currently have and what garments you should add to achieve your ideal image.

Bring in your existing clothing that needs altering or start afresh with our in-stock inventory or vast custom swatches. Either way, wer’re here to ensure you receive great service and an amazing collection of clothing.

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Off-Site Consultations & Fittings

We understand you’re busy. Let us make it easier for you by assisting you in the comfort your home or office. We’ll give our professional recommendation on what to keep, what to donate, and what key pieces are missing from your wardrobe.

Off-site consultations make ideal times to add a few piece goods to your collection as well as taking time to view an array of custom suit, sport coat, and trouser options.

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Personal Visits at Your Business

Time is of the essence. As business owners we understand that time efficiency contributes to your success. We exist to aid in your success by providing custom tailored clothing for business and social occasions. No driving. No clicking. No hassle. The formula is simple: quality clothing, tailored to you, at your workplace. “Sono in cammino” is an Italian phrase for “on our way.” Schedule a time with us and we’ll be on our way with finely tailored clothing fit exclusively for you.

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